Sustainability Initiatives of Waiakea Water

The commercial use of degradable bottles will begin in the next year courtesy of Waiakea, Inc., and Timeplast. The partnership between Waiakea, a premium bottled water brand, and Timeplast, a nanotechnology company, will see Waiakea incorporate a Timeplast’s additive into the manufacture of its bottles. According to Ryan Emmons, the additive (which is touted as the first and only patented additive for the nano-degradation of plastics) is capable of speeding up the degradation of plastics up to 98 percent faster. Conventional plastics degrade slowly taking over 1500 years to fully decompose whereas plastics which incorporate the Timeplast’s additive are said to decompose in only 15 years. Emmons is the founder and CEO of Waiakea Inc.

Manuel Rendon, the founder of Timeplast, recognizes Waiakea as a socially responsible brand. While Rendon emphasizes that developing the additive was nothing next to a walk in the park, he is excited to have partnered with Waiakea, a company which shares the Timeplast’s vision of sustainability. Both Timeplast and Waiakea believe they can impact the world with the revolutionary technology. Watch this video on Youtube.

New technology often is available with a huge price tag but not the TimePlast’s game-changing additive. Emmons stated that additive costs almost the same as the aquamarine colorant of plastics. What’s more, only a single pound of the additive is capable of altering the degradability of over one thousand pounds of plastics. Emmons is betting on the cost-effectiveness factor of the Timeplast’s additive to be the bait that will encourage companies in the consumer packaged goods industry to embrace the use of the additive.


Other initiatives of Waiakea centered on sustainability include reforestation and partnering with emission control experts. Waiakea is leading reforestation efforts in the Mauna Loa, where the company sources its water and other parts of the world. Also, the company has partnered with emission control experts such as Ecometrica to minimize the adverse effects of its emissions on the environment.

Waiakea Water social responsibility efforts extend past America. The company in partnership with Pump Aid is spearheading initiatives that will enable communities in parts of Africa especially Malawi to have access to clean water and sanitation. Read more about Waiakea Water on

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