Alex Pall’s Musical Career Behind The Chainsmokers

Alex Pall the musician from The Chainsmokers was interviewed for Interview Magazine on by Mathias Rosenzweig. The article was published on July 28, 2016 and talks of Alex Pall’s life in New York City engaging in music. Alex Pall became an artist in music through DJing and has learned how to make music. The Chainsmokers developed because Pall and Andrew Taggart formed a musical duo that expressed their interests in electropop. The band is very passionate about producing this type of pop music, and has managed to produce EP albums and music videos. The Chainsmokers are well known for their DJing careers in New York City while they were growing up. When they became music professionals, they were directed toward collaborating with other groups and bands, such as Coldplay. Alex Pall and Taggart are photographed in the interview on the website noted above. They express themselves through electronic music, and their own personal styles. With such a heavy background in DJing, Alex Pall became very enthralled with experimenting with music and eventually put his own songs up on Soundcloud when he was first starting out. Pall became very well known for DJing and gained more attention as a young artist, and realized that he was gifted in playing music. The duo, Pall and Taggart, produced songs together known as “Roses”, “Don’t Let Me Down”, and “Waterbed”. Their other popular songs are “Closer”, as they have managed to create many DJ albums together. As a group, Pall and Taggart formed their own ideas by writing together and brainstorming in a room together about what they were going to play on their instruments. Pall encourages original songwriting with friends and other musicians, and likes the real aspects and rawness of each story that songs tell about his life.