Jason Hope: IoT Futurist

Jason Hope is an overall amazing guy who invests his time and energy into improving the lives of those in his community as well as all over the world. He is an entrepreneur, futurist, philanthropist, and an investor. He is passionate about helping local organizations within his community.

Jason Hope focuses much of his time on technology. He spends time developing mobile apps and gaming software, as well as others, to help with connectivity and to bring more ease and enjoyment to our everyday life.

Jason Hope also is a huge supporter of the next generation of entrepreneurs in the technology field. He does grant high school seniors and college students who have a big idea with a grant to help them get their idea off the ground.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Jason Hope recently did an article about how IoT is going to benefit both the consumers and the customers in the airline industries by better understanding one another.

Basically, it states that everything will be monitored within the airplane to make sure all safety measures are taken. If any problems are detected, they can be taken care of once they arrive at their next destination. The equipment onboard will also be monitored such as the life jackets so if they are out of date, they can be replaced.

IoT will also help customers by directing them to their gates, finding them places to hang out while their flights are delayed, and helping them they are lost. While on the airplane, IoT will help the customers be more comfortable with a beacon being placed in their seats to monitor the temperature, discomfort, hydration level, etc.

Jason Hope did another article about how IoT is going to help companies. Some companies think the Blockchain-IoT merger could result in a platform free from problems. Although companies that deal with millions in purchases and holding online aren’t so sure about this merger.

In conclusion, Jason is a great guy trying to improve our quality of life by using technology. While some of us may not be up to speed on all the latest technology, we need to understand that it is going to be what our future is all about. Tapping In: Jason Hope Reveals How IoT is Revamping the Airline Industry