Talkspace Makes Counseling Easier

There is a lot of power in the social media atmosphere. People have totally changed the way that they communicate with one another, and texting has become one of the most common forms of communication with this new millennial generation.

Another thing that texting has become used for in recent years is therapy. There is an app called Talk space that provides therapy through texting. Some people are a bit skeptical, but many people that have utilized this app are calling it groundbreaking. It is something that has totally transformed the way that people look at the aspect of building a better lives for themselves.

Alicia Winkle is one of those licensed therapists that works for Talkspace, and she is elated about the possibility of helping those that have a need. There are lots of people with personality disorders like that of the sociopath and the other borderline personality disorders. When people have this type of issue they are clearly in need of help. They may have some things that they may not want to talk about with their friends. It is going to be much more helpful for people that have these types of issues to talk to a licensed therapy professional like Alicia Winkle.

Sometimes it takes a person that is having problems themselves to reach out for help. When these people take the time to reach out for help for their own issues they may feel compelled to help others. That is how Alicia Winkle became a licensed therapist. She was having anxiety issues herself, and that led her to get help. Once she received the help that she needed it would be her desire to actually help others that may have been having the same issues. Now she is utilizing Talkspace to help others in need.

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