The Successful Life of Malini Saba

If you take a list of the world’s most phenomenon women, you are likely to bump into the name Malini Saba. She is one of the top listed female entrepreneurs and philanthropist from South Asia. She recently had an interview with Ideamensch where she shined light about her life.

Malini talked of how she started her first company. It was as a result of failure to get into other companies as the VC. This saw her want to start something for herself that would deal with different products and be diversified in different countries. Her success can be attributed to her vicious eye. She is able to look at current trends and tell what will be trending in more than 3 years to come. This way, she is able to come up with products and services that go on for a long time without getting redundant.

Talking about how she is able to juggle her career and family life, she said that it is all about planning. She is able to take care of her daughter herself and still make it for the daily meetings to run her company. This ensures that she retains a good relationship, both with her clients and with her daughter.

Malini advised all entrepreneurs that the key to success is trusting your guts. You have to go with what your guts tell you. Besides, it is all about taking risks. And, if you happen to fail, it doesn’t mean that this is the end of the road for you. If you are a brilliant entrepreneurs, you will learn something from your failures and use the lessons in your next venture.

About Malini Saba

Malini Saba was born in Kuara Lumpur, Malaysia but moved to the United States just before she turned 20 years. She settled near Stanford University, where she and her husband at the time would attend classes. She was particularly interested in business and entrepreneurial classes.

Over the years, she would crash into gatherings that had investment bankers. She used this and the advice gained from the conventions to start something for herself. Malini made investments in the real estate, technology and commodity industry.

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