Vijay Eswaran emphasis on embracing change in life

Vijay Eswaran is a businessman, author and a philanthropist. He is the founder and the executive chairman of QI Group of Companies which is a multinational conglomerate with various office branches across the globe. The company has close to 30 subsidiaries and majors in telecommunication, fashion, leisure, real estate, training and conference management among other areas of businesses.

Having struggled a lot in life to pay for his university education where he worked as a taxi driver, Vijay understands how it feels to have nothing and hence he is a great philanthropist supporting disadvantaged communities in Asia, Africa as well as the Middle East. He is also a motivational speaker where he mentors young investors and youth at large.

As a writer, Vijay Eswaran talks of change and says that change has overlapping effects. He compares a human being to a magnet and says that a person can attract change. He further explains that the strongest of the magnet is detected in the deepest circle, hence when an individual is going through the stages of change those who are close to them will feel the changes first. For change to take place, one has to break certain habits that hold them back. Vijay says habits whether good or bad should be broken to allow change to take place.

The motivational speaker emphasis on the point that change is not natural; hoping that it is easy is the very fast step of losing. The beauty of change is that it connects an individual to other people who are going through the same. This means that one should be surrounded by individuals who embrace change as well.

Vijay Eswaran says that as we keep embracing change in our lives, the challenges tend to reduce. Tremendous change result in more significant impacts. Change should, therefore, be allowed to continue overlapping various dimension of life including physical and spiritual.

Change is continuous; it will leave an individual different but then preparing for another set of change. If one embraces change in a careful manner, those changes will enable them to feel a significant impact on various aspects of life.

While change takes place, it helps one to evolve alongside their standards and expectations. Change keeps attracting more change while the degree of change magnifies. Vijay Eswaran says that it’s better to experience bad change rather than no change at all. No change is the worst thing that can ever happen to a human being. He says that lack of change is dying.

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