Vijay Eswaran Speaks To Students About Risks

The first job search after school is a very important time. Those who are new to the job market have a lot of questions and are eager to get established in a good corporation. They are ready to perform and develop their skills. However, Vijay Eswaran believes that it is never too early to start taking risk in a career. New job seekers should look to create their own opportunities as well as search for ones that are provided by others. The job markets are constantly changing and employment opportunities that are available now may not be relevant in just a few years.

Work experience is very important. New employees should look to align themselves with organizations that will complement their education and skill sets. One of the interesting decisions that is made is whether to work for a large organization or a small startup. The job candidate must do a thorough evaluation in order to assess which working situation is going to be best for them.

There are pros and cons to working at either the large corporation or start up company. Startup companies have the same characteristics as new job seekers in the workforce. The companies are growing fast and adapting to the industry that they’re in. The new job candidate will benefit greatly from the company that is changing constantly. It will allow them to contribute to the landscape of what the organization is trying to become. The candidate will have more responsibility and be held accountable for the decisions that they make. There will be very little delegation of responsibilities at a startup company.

Large corporations will operate in the exact opposite manner. These companies have been in business a long time and have a set procedure of operation. There is great security with a large company. However, there are far less opportunities to stand out as an individual talent.

Vijay Eswaran is originally from Malaysia. He is the Executive Chairman of QI Group. QI Group operates out of Hong Kong. Vijay’s mother was a school teacher. His father worked at the Ministry of Labour in Malaysia. Vijay valued education early on. He received a degree from the London School of Economics, before moving on to Southern Illinois University where he earned an MBA. At this point Eswaran got involved with multi-level marketing.

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