Why Political Fundraising Is Important In Policy Formulation

In the contemporary world, to find a dedicated political activist and lobbyist that would stand up to defend the rights of other is the society is not easy. People have been silenced by government saccords the world because of fighting for the rights of others. Only bold and outspoken individuals can succeed in this volatile environment. Andrea McWilliams has been at the center of fighting for the rights of people across the texas. She has been involved in political fundraising which has contributed in sending good political leaders to fight for the rights of other disadvantaged groups. Andrea McWilliams has developed immense skills in consolidating the views of people by developing proper channels of communication and persuasion. As such, she has earned recognition from the national new outlets and has earned interview with renowned media houses like FOX News, CNN, BBC and Wall Street Journal among others. She has used the media houses to champion for civil rights while lobbying for support from other quarters in driving her agenda.

Due to the overwhelming support and achievement, Andrea McWilliams has received many awards including a Woman of Distinction award from the Girl Scouts of Central Texas. The community at large has embraced the changes brought by the continued civil education and sensitization brought by Andrea McWilliams. She also received an “Austin Under 40” award which was the major milestone in the advancement of her career.

Andrea McWilliams was born and raised in texas where she developed her skills in the volunteering and philanthropic field. She is the founder of McWilliams Government Affairs which is a consultancy firm that focuses on government projects. The firm has been used to bring change in the governance structure and service delivery to the community. In addition, McWilliams has contributed towards non-profit making organization by supporting them through philanthropic works.


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