Why The RealReal is the Real Deal

A recent press release announced that luxury consignor The RealReal plans to make 2018 a year for pop-up stores and brick and mortar stores where customers can get a hands-on experience with the luxury consignor giant. The RealReal is an online consignor brand that got real attention when it opened several pop-up stores in San Francisco and other cities. These short-term retail events known as pop-ups were extremely successful and brought awareness to the RealReal Brand. The San Francisco pop-up event led to a 500 percent increase to the number of online buyers in the area. After the success of its pop-up stores, The RealReal opened its first brick and mortar location in New York and uncovered a gold mine.

With their recent success in pop-up stores and now its brick and mortar location, The RealReal plans to make 2018 the year of more pop-ups and brick and mortar locations. Allison Sommer, RealReal’s director of marketing, believes that pop-up stores can help increase awareness to their online brand by making it more real with a hands-on approach.

A brief history of The RealReal

It may seem like just another rags to riches story, but luxury consignor The RealReal has a very humble beginning and is a huge success for more reasons than just hard work. While it’s true that CEO and founder Julie Wainwright built the company from her own kitchen table to the online and now brick and mortar giant it is today out of her own home, it was more than just hard work that made the company what it is today. By focusing on the luxury market and creating a strong environment of trust between consignor’s, and customers, the company was able to build a strong customer and consignor base that people could trust and rely on for quality and authentic products. With plans to add more brick and mortar stores, increased pop-up stores, and high online sales, the RealReal is definitely the real deal for 2018.

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